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دریافت دیتاشیت محصول: Datasheet


These devices are monolithic low-power Schottky quadruple line receivers designed to satisfy therequirements of the standard interface between data-terminal equipment and data-communica-tion equipment as defined by TIA / EIA-232-F. A separate response-control (CONT) terminal isprovided for each receiver. A resistor or a resistorand bias-voltage source can be connected between this terminal and ground to shift the input threshold levels. An external capacitor can beconnected between this terminal and ground to provide input noise filtering. The SN55189 and SN55189A are characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of – 55°C to 125°C. The MC1489, MC1489A, SN75189, and SN75189A are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.


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