The SP706R / SP706S / SP706T and SP708S / SP708T series is a family of microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits that integrate a myriad of components involved in discrete solutions which monitor power-supplies and batteries in µP and digital systems

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■ Precision low voltage monitor                                        
 SP706R: +2.63V
 SP706S / SP708S: +2.93V
 SP706T / SP708T: +3.08V
■ 200ms RESET pulse width
 SP706R / SP706S / SP706T: active low
 SP708S / SP708T: active high and active low
■ Independent watchdog timer
 1.6s timeout (SP706R / SP706S / SP706T)
 Enable / disable function
■ 40µA maximum supply current
■ Debounced TTL / CMOS manual reset input
■ RESET asserted down to VCC = 1V
■ VCC glitch immunity
■ Voltage monitor for power failure or low battery warning
■ 8-Pin NSOIC and MSOP packages
■ Pin compatible with industry standards 706R/S/T and

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