Flash Based Complex PLD, 36 Cell, 10ns, 44
Pin, Plastic, PLCC
• 5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays
• System frequency up to 178 MHz
• 36 macrocells with 800 usable gates
• Available in small footprint packages
- 44-pin PLCC (34 user I/O pins)
- 44-pin VQFP (34 user I/O pins)
- 48-pin CSP (36 user I/O pins)
- 64-pin VQFP (36 user I/O pins)
- Pb-free available for all packages
• Optimized for high-performance 3.3V systems
- Low power operation
- 5V tolerant I/O pins accept 5 V, 3.3V, and 2.5V
- 3.3V or 2.5V output capability
- Advanced 0.35 micron feature size CMOS
Fast FLASH™ technology
• Advanced system features
- In-system programmable
- Superior pin-locking and routability with
Fast CONNECT™ II switch matrix
- Extra wide 54-input Function Blocks
- Up to 90 product-terms per macrocell with
individual product-term allocation
- Local clock inversion with three global and one
product-term clocks
- Individual output enable per output pin
- Input hysteresis on all user and boundary-scan pin
- Bus-hold circuitry on all user pin inputs
- Full IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG)
• Fast concurrent programming
• Slew rate control on individual outputs
• Enhanced data security features
• Excellent quality and reliability
- Endurance exceeding 10,000 program/erase
- 20 year data retention
- ESD protection exceeding 2,000V
• Pin-compatible with 5V-core XC9536 device in the
44-pin PLCC package and the 48-pin CSP package
WARNING: Programming temperature range of
TA = 0° C to +70° C 

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