● Non-blocking time/space switch for 2048-, 4096-, 8192- or 16 384-kbit/s PCM systems
● Different modes programmable for input and output separately
● Configurable for a 4096-kHz, 8192-kHz or 16 384-kHz device clock
● Switching of up to 1024 incoming PCM channels to up to 1024 outgoing PCM channels
● 16 input and 8 output PCM lines
● Tristate function for further expansion and tandem operation
● µP read-access to PCM data
● Programmable clock shift with half clock step resolution for input and output
● Individual line delay measurement and clock shift mechanism for 8 PCM inputs
● Built-in selftest
● 8-bit Motorola or Intel type µP interface
● Constant or minimal channel-delay programmable on a per time-slot basis
● In-operation adjustment of bit-sampling without bit errors
● Low power consumption
● Single 5 V power supply 

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