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General Description

The RTL8316C is a layer-2 switch controller that integrates 1.25Mbits of high-speed SSRAM, an 8K-entry MAC address lookup table, 16 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet MACs, and a switch engine into one chip. The Remote Management Tool (RMT) software package is bundled with the RTL8316C. The RMT is a Windows-based tool developed to enhance the functionality of Realtek’s dumb layer 2 switches via software. The RMT gives network administrators the ability to remotely configure and monitor dumb layer 2 switches as though they were intelligent switches. With QoS, Trunking, VLAN, bandwidth control, remote control, and an 0.16μm process, the RTL8316C is a cost effective switch controller for a 16-port 10/100 dumb or smart switch application. Port trunking is supported on all ports to increase bandwidth. Load balancing and fault tolerance provide top performance and reliability. The RTL8316C provides 2-level priority queues for multimedia or real-time network applications. The CoS (Class of Service) can be port-based, IEEE 802.1p tag-based, and/or TCP/IP header TOS/DS field-based. The RTL8316C supports up to 32 VLAN groups that may be configured as port-based VLANs and/or IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLANs. ARP broadcast and Leaky VLAN are also supported. The RTL8316C supports diagnostics and analysis. Counters are included for: RX byte count, RX packet count, TX byte count, TX packet count, CRC error packet count, collision packet count, dropped packet count, and dropped byte count. The RTL8316C supports TX and RX bandwidth control on each port; 128Kbps, 256Kbps, 512kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps, or 8Mbps may be selected in each direction. The RTL8316C provides for a Scan LED Group to display each port’s status, without extra component cost. A loop-detection function is provided to notify whether a network loop exists, either via a visual LED, or via a register flag for smart applications. LED displays for broadcast storm, trunking status, flow control, and traffic utilization are also provided. Maximum packet length can be up to 1552 bytes. The RTL8316C supports the ability to drop 802.1D specified reserved group MAC addresses: (01-80-C2-00-00-04 to 01-80-C2-00-00-0F) according to pin strapping upon reset, or register setting. The RTL8316C default setting enables dropping of these reserved group MAC address control frames. Frames with group MAC address 01-80-C2-00-00-01 (802.3x Pause), 01-80-C2-00-00-02 (802.3ad LACP) will always be filtered. The RTL8316C supports IEEE 802.3x full duplex flow control and back pressure half duplex flow control. Full duplex flow control can be disabled both manually or automatically to ensure QoS control or bandwidth control operates correctly. Broadcast storm filtering prevents network crashes caused by abnormal broadcast activity. As well as supporting IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation, the RTL8316C supports PHY Read/Write registers to access PHY registers through an MDC/MDIO interface. This expands system configuration options. The RTL8316C is designed with a link-list buffer management architecture and provides 3.2Gbps of bandwidth to achieve wire-speed performance. It also has an intelligent switching engine to prevent Head-of-Line blocking. Only a single 25MHz crystal is required for clock generation. The RTL8316C offers packet buffer fine-tune capabilities, which increase flexibility when QoS is enabled, and also features EEPROM auto-download (0x61).


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