 100% programmable global solution
 Performs all BORSCHT functions
 DC-DC controller provides tracking battery from a 3.3–35V input (Si3210)
Minimizes power in all modes
Dynamic 0 to –94.5 V output
Choice of inductor (low cost) or transformer (high efficiency)
 Programmable line-feed parameters
2-wire AC impedance and hybrid
Constant current feed (20 to 41 mA)
Loop closure and ring trip thresholds and filtering
 Internal balanced ringing up to 90VPK
5 REN up to 4 kft; 3 REN up to 8 kft
Programmable frequency, amplitude, cadence, and wave shape
 Programmable audio processing
DTMF encoding and decoding
12 kHz/16 kHz pulse metering
Phase-continuous FSK (caller ID)
Dual tone generators
 -Law/A-Law and linear PCM audio
 Extensive test and diagnostic features
Multiple loopback test modes
DC line V/I measurements
Supports GR-909 MLT
 Comprehensive design tools
Reference schematic and PCB layout
ProSLIC API abstracts SLIC functions, minimizing software development
 RoHS-compliant packages
 SPI and PCM bus digital interfaces

دریافت دیتاشیت محصول: Datasheet


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