VP233) SN65HVD233D)

VP233) SN65HVD233D)

The SN65HVD233, SN65HVD234, and SN65HVD235 are used in applications employing the controller area network (CAN) serial communication physical layer in accordance with the ISO 11898 standard.

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 Bus-Pin Fault Protection Exceeds ±36 V
 Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds 16-kV HBM
 GIFT/ICT Compliant (SN65HVD234)
 Compatible With ISO 11898
 Signaling Rates(1) up to 1 Mbps
 Extended –7-V to 12-V Common-Mode Range
 High-Input Impedance Allows for 120 Nodes
 LVTTL I/Os Are 5-V Tolerant
 Adjustable Driver Transition Times for Improved Signal Quality
 Unpowered Node Does Not Disturb the Bus
 Low-Current Standby Mode . . . 200-µATypical
 Low-Current Sleep Mode . . . 50-nA Typical (SN65HVD234)
 Thermal Shutdown Protection
 Power-Up / Down Glitch-Free Bus Inputs and Outputs
− High Input Impedance With Low VCC
− Monolithic Output During Power Cycling
 Loopback for Diagnostic Functions Available (SN65HVD233)
 Loopback for Autobaud Function Available (SN65HVD235)
 DeviceNet Vendor ID #806

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