The DAC08 series of 8-bit monolithic multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converters provide very high-speed performance coupled with low cost and outstanding applications flexibility.
• Fast settling output current—70ns                       • Full-scale current prematched to ±1 LSB
• Direct interface to TTL, CMOS, ECL, HTL, PMOS    • Relative accuracy to 0.1% maximum over temperature range
• High output compliance -10V to +18V                    • True and complemented outputs
• Wide range multiplying capability                          • Low FS current drift — ±10ppm/°C
• Wide power supply range—±4.5V to ±18V               • Low power consumption—37mW at ±5V
• 8-bit, 1µs A-to-D converters                                 • Servo-motor and pen drivers
 Waveform generators                                           • Audio encoders and attenuators
• Analog meter drivers                                             • Programmable power supplies
• CRT display drivers                                               • High-speed modems
• Other applications where low cost, high speed and complete input/output versatility are required
• Programmable gain and attenuation                         • Analog-Digital multiplication

 دریافت دیتاشیت محصول: Datasheet                                                                                                       


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