یک آپ امپ شامل یک تقویت کننده با نویز بسیار پایین و ولتاژ آفست ورودی 0.15 میلی ولت می باشد.

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 These devices offer low offset and long-term stability by means of a low-noise, chopperless,
bipolar-input-transistor amplifier circuit. For most applications, external components are not required for offset
nulling and frequency compensation. The true differential input, with a wide input-voltage range and outstanding
common-mode rejection, provides maximum flexibility and performance in high-noise environments and in
noninverting applications. Low bias currents and extremely high input impedances are maintained over the
entire temperature range. The OP07 is unsurpassed for low-noise, high-accuracy amplification of very-low-level

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