The TPS6216x device family are easy to use synchronous step-down DC/DC converters optimized for applications with high power density. A high switching frequency of typically 2.25 MHz allows the use of small inductors and provides fast transient response a

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• DCS-Control™ Topology
• Input Voltage Range from 3 V to 17 V
• Up to 1-A Output Current
• Adjustable Output Voltage From 0.9 V to 6 V
• Fixed Output Voltage Versions
• Seamless Power Save Mode Transition
• Typically 17-µA Quiescent Current
• Power Good Output
• 100% Duty Cycle Mode
• Short Circuit Protection
• Over Temperature Protection
• Pin to Pin Compatible With TPS62170 and
• Available in 3.00 mm x 3.00 mm 8-Pin VSSOP
and 2.00 mm × 2.00 mm 8-Pin WSON Packages

دریافت دیتاشیت محصول: Datasheet

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