فلش 4 مگا بیت (512KB*8) EEPROM 512K x 8 Cmos Flash Memory ; 90nS, 4-Megabit, 5-Volt, 50mA, 256 Bytes Per Page, Cycling ;10K The W29C040 is a 4-megabit,  5-volt only CMOS page mode EEPROM organized as 512K ´ 8 bits. The device can be written (erased and programmed) in-system with a standard 5V power supply. A 12-volt VPP is not required. The unique cell architecture of the W29C040 results in fast write (erase/ program) operations with extremely low current consumption compared to other  comparable 5-volt flash memory products. The device can also be written (erased and programmed) by using standard EPROM programmers.

دریافت دیتاشیت محصول: Datashee

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