The major functional blocks of the PSD3XX include: • Two programmable logic arrays • 256Kb to 1 Mb of EPROM • Optional 16 Kb SRAM • Input latches • Programmable I/O ports • Page logic • Programmable security

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❏ Single-chip programmable peripheral for microcontroller-based applications
❏ 256K to 1 Mbit of UV EPROM with the following features:
• Configurable as 32, 64, or 128 K x 8; or as 16, 32, or 64 K x 16
• Divided into eight equally-sized mappable blocks for optimized address mapping
• As fast as 70 ns access time, which includes address decoding
❏ Optional 16 Kbit SRAM is configurable as 2K x 8 or 1K x 16. The access time can be as quick as 70 ns, including address decoding.
❏ 19 I/O pins that can be individually configured for :
• Microcontroller I/O port expansion
• Programmable Address decoder (PAD) I/O
• Latched address output
• Open-drain or CMOS output
❏ Two Programmable Arrays (PAD A and PAD B) replace your PLD or decoder, and have the following features:
• Up to 18 Inputs and 24 outputs
• 40 Product terms (13 for PAD A and 27 for PAD B)
• Ability to decode up to 1 MB of address without paging
❏ Microcontroller logic that eliminates the need for external “glue logic” has the following features:
• Ability to interface to multiplexed and non-multiplexed buses
• Built-in address latches for multiplexed address/data bus
• ALE and Reset polarity are programmable (Reset polarity not programmable on
• Multiple configurations are possible for interface to many different microcontrollers
❏ Optional built-in page logic expands the MCU address space by up to 16 times
❏ Programmable power management with standby current as low as 1µA for low-voltage version
• CMiser bit—programmable option to reduce AC power consumption in memory
• Turbo Bit (ZPSD only)—programmable bit to reduce AC and DC power consumption in the PADs.
❏ Track Mode that allows other microcontrollers or host processors to share access to the local data bus
❏ Built-in security locks the device and PAD decoding configuration
❏ Wide Operating Voltage Range
• V-versions: 2.7 to 5.5 volts
• Others: 4.5 to 5.5 volts
❏ Available in a variety of packaging (44-pin PLDCC, CLDCC, TQFP, and PQFP)
❏ Simple, menu-driven software (PSDsoft) allows configuration and design entry on a PC.


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