The STEL-2000A is a programmable single-chip spread spectrum transceiver. The device performs all the digital processing required to implement a fastacquisition direct sequence (i.e., pseudonoise- or PNmodulated) spread spectrum full- or half-duplex system using differentially encoded BPSK, QPSK, or π/4 QPSK. A block diagram of the STEL-2000A is shown in Figure 1, while the package style and pin configuration are shown in Figure 2. The STEL-2000A is available in two speed grades; the STEL-2000A+20 (20 MHz maximum clock frequency), and the
STEL-2000A+45 (45.056 MHz maximum clock frequency). The 45 MHz version features a high thermal
conductivity package for superior heat dissipation, allowing the device to operate continuously at this speed

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